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Case Study

Global asset management company

The scarce time of the client’s in-house legal team was being taken up reviewing over 100 NDAs a month.

We were initially instructed to review their NDAs against a paper playbook and return mark-ups to the business, copied to the in-house legal team, who then progressed the agreement to a conclusion.

We introduced significant improvements in productivity by automating the paper playbook in our proprietary knowledge base, Knowledge, and using our natural language processing tool, Doc-Analyser, to help our analysts review the documents in a systematic manner. We moved from hourly rates to a fixed monthly retainer.

The client has now outsourced the end-to-end review, drafting and negotiation of its NDAs and hold-harmless letters. The NDAs relate to deals world-wide and we handle a huge variety in terms of content and format, including click-through terms used in conjunction with deal rooms. We liaise directly with members of the commercial teams and their counterparties. Exceptional issues are raised with the legal team only occasionally.

We use our workflow tool, Doc-Tracker Workflow, to triage the documents as they arrive. Each document is logged according to date created, response time, progress status and delivery date. A dashboard shows compliance with response times.  Our client can view the dashboard, the progress of individual matters, give instructions and receive documents.

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