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The resolution of a legal problem involves judgment

The resolution of a legal problem involves judgment: in negotiating an agreement, do you reject, agree or counter-propose. Some responses have become trite and even hackneyed, and as such can be churned out by a system. The challenge is knowing when it is safe to rely on the output and when it is inappropriate to do so.

Legal documents always have a purpose and risk associated with them; some are straightforward whilst others are complex. There is no direct correlation between an issue’s importance and complexity nor its simplicity and risk. Simple matters can result in significant exposure if dealt with badly.

Clients are singularly placed to decide how best to manage their workload, and when entrusting work to an adviser, the service must be robust, of high quality, and cost-effective. Mattersmith was formed to make a virtue out of supporting clients in everyday commercial legal issues with customer contracts, operations, channel partners, and procurement.

We get engaged whether advice or assistance is needed in relation to pre-contract issues, deal negotiation, or post-deal management, day-to-day or as one-off projects. When the action needed is plain and clear, we don’t complicate it, but at the same time our approach is nuanced where required, and that requires experience even when following a playbook. The tools we use ensure we are cost-effective and help us to ensure our response is fast.

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