Mattersmith Pricing

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Contract drafting

A typical draft contract starts from as little as £750 plus VAT, less for an NDA, but if your requirements are more complex don’t worry, we will happily agree a fixed fee, ensuring you know exactly what work will be done and the cost.


A typical contract review starts from as little as £550 plus VAT, but if your requirements are more complex don’t worry, we will happily agree a fixed fee with you for the work required, ensuring you know exactly what work will be done and the cost.

Contractsmith Pricing

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  • Doc-Analyser without enterprise search
  • Mattersmith Microsoft Word Add-in
  • Unlimited users
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£85/ Month for 12 months

  • 14 day free trial
  • £110/ month for 6 month option
  • Doc-Tracker dashboard
  • Doc-Tracker case management
  • Knowledge - Viewer access
  • My Playbook
  • Precedents with all Mattersmith Templates (limited during free trial)
  • Doc-Analyser with enterprise search
  • Mattersmith Microsoft Word Add-in
  • Administer users
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£Let's talk

  • Associate plan PLUS
  • Professional services
  • Special Terms
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Contractsmith Subscription

We have three plans: Membership, Associate, and Bespoke.

Membership is complementary access to the search features of Doc-Analyzer in conjunction with our Microsoft Word Add-In. You can use all of the search terms and phrases we have created, or create your own, and amend a document using our library of phrases. You can create and administer your own users.

Associate grants you access to all the features of Contractsmith. We have payment plans covering 6 months and 12 months, both payable in advance.

You can pre-purchase user accounts and create and administer them yourself. A user can be an administrator or a user, although there is only one price per account. If you want differential pricing, then you need Bespoke membership.

Bespoke is full access to Contractsmith supported by professional services, such as legal advice, document automation, and creation of playbooks, or for where you want tiered pricing according to user profiles. We also offer discounts for more than 20 authorized users.

We offer a free 14-day trial of Associate membership, but this contains limited Mattersmith templates in Precedents. You only have one user and will be automatically upgraded to a 12 month Associate membership at the end of your trial if you do not cancel or change your membership.  

Click on the Log In button, select Sign up, and choose the Plan you want. Associate Plans have two pricing options: one is for 6 months, and the other (at a lower cost per month) is for 12 months. Please make sure you select the period you want before clicking Continue.  Once you have chosen your Plan, select Continue and follow the on-screen instructions.

All charges are payable in arrears. Associate Plan members receive an invoice shortly after they have registered, and fees are to be paid within 30 days. Bespoke Plan members are charged as agreed. For more information, please see our terms of service at Contractsmith Terms of Service – Mattersmith

Yes. Your membership can be changed on your profiles page. However, during Associate membership you are unable to reduce the number of users or change its duration, but you can change your membership to Bespoke and increase your number of users at any time.

Your membership will automatically renew unless you discontinue or change it with effect from the end of the current membership. Your profiles page notifies you of your current membership and when it will renew.

Yes. All our fees exclude VAT, which will be included in the invoice where it is chargeable.

Your data will be hosted in our secure private cloud in the UK. 

Contractsmith is cloud based only. However, you can have your own instance of the platform – known as Etimologic – under separate agreement.

We have implemented organisational and technical measures to ensure our compliance with the UK GDPR. We are controllers in relation to your account information and we act as your processor for the purposes of storing your documents.  Our terms of business (which you need to accept to use the platform) are compliant with UK GDPR.

Data is encrypted in transit and at rest. Access to the platform is password protected and the platform timeouts after one hour if the user’s account is idle for one hour.

All members of staff that have access to the platform are aware of the requirements of data protection legislation and of the importance of maintaining the confidentiality and security of data.

Our managed service provider, responsible for providing and managing the infrastructure on which the platform is installed, is subject to duties of confidentiality in relation to all data within the platform, and subject to terms that comply with the requirements of the UK GDPR for the engagement of processors.

If we discover an error in the platform, or you report an error to us, that requires the support of our development team, the developers may need access to data to investigate and remediate the problem. Any access to your data would be subject to your consent. The developers are made available to us by an IT consultancy with whom we have worked for over four years.  They are subject to duties of confidentiality in relation to all data within the platform.