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The technology we use can help you work faster, making more time for strategic business.

Our legal advice is accelerated by technology that we have developed and evolved over time. We use it everyday. Our tools have been tested and proven. We offer direct access to these same tools so that you can also enjoy greater productivity on matters that you deal with yourself.


Knowledge Base

Knowledge acts as the knowledge base of Mattersmith’s expert system.  Knowledge is a framework of pre-defined concepts that enables users to record and visualise information about contracts and to automate rules or suggestions that are considered to be suitable for a particular activity or job. Information that represents different parts of a subject area or which are linked in another way can be associated with each other through topics.


Users are able to create models of contracts and related guidance and policies in a way that visualises the content and relationships between them.


The data within Knowledge can be searched or browsed and has been integrated with the Review component of Doc-Analyser.


  • Reduces the time to find desired information by enabling targeted searches that do not involve sifting numerous irrelevant results.
  • Improves decision-making.
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Reduce costs and save time

Legal advice, accelerated by technology.
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