Mattersmith is a specialist, regulated law firm, led by Andrew Scott, with decades of experience in IT, outsourcing and commercial contracting.


Our built-for-purpose tools accelerate processes and reduce time to completion. They are available for clients to use too.

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Contracts succeed or fail to fulfil their intent based on their wording. We are expert in the meticulous wording of agreements and complex requirements of IT, outsourcing, and commercial contracts.


We are business driven, never forgetting that we are here to help clients prosper and manage risks.

Don’t fall into the trap of poor contracting:


Average annual revenue lost due to contracting pitfalls.
(Source: IACCM)


The actual cost to you of a regulatory fine can be 10 times the fine.
(Source: Deloitte)


of companies are unable to find 10% or more of their contracts.

(Source: Journal of Contract Management)


The average cost of a complex contract from authoring to signature.
(Source: IACCM)

We protect your interests with clear and enforceable documents, delivered on time, and within budget, and help you to manage relationships with customers, suppliers, and partners through our virtual assistant, Contractsmith, which is available 24 | 7.

What we offer


The primary objective in all matters handled by the team is to protect its clients from avoidable risk by drafting, amending, and managing contracts to achieve business goals.


The combination of knowledge, experience and technology ensures that the advice given is correct, compliant and can be counted on.


Mattersmith offers the peace of mind that contracts have been checked by one of our senior lawyers. The playbooks we create for clients provide ongoing benefit.


Calling on Mattersmith’s contract expertise, advice and management means clients can conclude agreements quickly and cost-effectively, so they can get on with their business.

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