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We use a suite of proprietary applications to make our practice more adept. Knowledge visualises and facilitates retrieval of trusted information. Review searches unstructured legal text and provides seamless access to Knowledge. Doc-Tracker is a workflow tool to map the documents we’re handling with a dashboard showing our performance against service levels.

About Us


Mattersmith is a regulated legal practice maximising use of law tech founded by Andrew Scott in 2017. We’re committed to supporting clients when advice matters and improving their operational risk management and efficiency through advanced technologies designed specifically to address the needs of practitioners.

Andrew is a well-known IT, outsourcing and data protection lawyer with long experience at City and international firms and is ranked by the Chambers Guide to the UK Legal Profession as Senior Statesperson in his field. Andrew has been involved in highly complex and, in some cases, ground-breaking transactions, from multi-jurisdictional outsourcings and systems implementations, to the sale and purchase of banks, third- party administrators, and platforms.

Over the last 12 years Andrew has been motivated by improving productivity in legal and contractual processes. As a senior law firm manager and a front-line lawyer, he has developed document automation solutions for his firm and clients.

However, as he would agree, there is more to Mattersmith than Andrew, who is flanked by experienced commercial lawyers also with previous tenures at international law firms.

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If you are interested in how we could help, or to work with us, or simply would like to know more about what we do, please get in touch with Andrew Scott.