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We assist clients through a range of services from bespoke legal advice to self-help solutions in drafting, agreeing, and managing commercial contracts. Our experience and technology strengthen processes and improve productivity so that you can focus on growth.

How we can help you


When you need contracts tailored to your needs, we provide consummate professional advice on the best solution, enabling you to do business with confidence.


We supplement our guided self-help tools with one-to-one assistance so that you are never on your own.


Our productivity tools backed-up by our unique duty of care enable you to draft a valid legal document safely, saving you time and money.


When you know what is needed for your everyday matters, we help you to achieve those outcomes consistently, quickly, and accurately.

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We have you covered, wherever you are.

The map shows the locations of the governing laws of the NDAs we have advised on to date throughout the world, all from our location in the UK. We have compiled comprehensive data on certain contentious clauses, and we monitor trends. We are happy to share the information with members of our Productivity Centre. If you are interested, please get in touch. You can also download our guide, “Mattersmith on Confidentiality Agreements”. It’s free.

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Have you ever wished you had an experienced lawyer looking over your shoulder to help you draft or understand an NDA or a commercial contract? Our platform provides easy-to-use templates, clear guidance, accessible anytime, anywhere, and if you get stuck, we are on-hand to help.

Reduce costs and save time

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