Contract Negotiation

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Advising on and negotiating IT, outsourcing, and other commercial contracts is core to what we do. We have been actively engaged in the field for over 35 years, acting for both suppliers and customers. We add value to a client’s negotiating team.


We have a detailed commercial understanding of the agreements we help to negotiate. We understand your objectives so you can take a view safely. Our experience and technology reduce the time it takes for you to reach a valuable position.


We are pragmatic negotiators, collaborate as required and stand firm where necessary. 


Our meticulous use of language is clear and effective.  Clients understand the risks and implications of their contracts, providing legal peace of mind.



benefit 1

Release your team to undertake other work.

benefit 2

Lower costs and increase speed.

benefit 3

Reduce risks with our systematic reviews of documents.

Why Mattersmith

A specialist law firm whose lawyers are expert in IT, outsourcing, and services contracts

What You Get

Save time and money on external legal fees with our unique combination of technology, software, and legal services

Trusted legal adviser to large and small businesses

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Contract lawyers, accelerated by technology.