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For many businesses, handling everyday matters is a burden which diverts the valuable time of in-house lawyers away from tasks which deliver more value. Headcount restrictions prevent further recruitment and engagement of flexible resource is often expensive.

By working with Mattersmith, we can significantly cut down the time you spend on these agreements. Our service is entirely tailored to the needs of each individual business that we work with, to ensure that the contracts we help to draft and negotiate are fit for purpose for any and all eventualities. Whether you wish for us simply to help with the writing of agreements or want to outsource the process entirely from drafting through to negotiation and agreement, we’re here to help.


We get under the skin of a contract and give you advice so you can take a view, safely. When you already know what is needed, we help you to repeat the result, consistently.

Our experience and technology reduces the time it takes for you to reach a valuable position. Give us as much or as little of a MATTER as you like. 


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Release your team to undertake complex work.

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Lower costs and increase speed.

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Reduce risks with our systematic reviews of documents.

We assist clients with saving time and money on everyday commercial contracts. Our extensive knowledge, experience and technology strengthen processes and improve productivity so that you can focus on growth.

Mattersmith has decades of experience of international legal practice at the highest level. Our core sectors are technology, banking, and financial services.


Now we want to share your workload.

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We are a boutique law firm specialising in commercial contracts for software and service providers

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Save time and money on external legal fees with our unique combination of technology, software, and legal services

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