Contract Management

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All too often parties put contracts in a drawer and forget about them. 

Whilst that may be tempting if you only rely on a contract when there is a problem, it is not advisable. 


Contracts are much more than statements of rights and obligations, containing as they do important business data, operating procedures, and a forum for collaborating with customers and partners. 


By managing your contracts well, you can avoid losing revenue, incurring unnecessary costs, and enhance your reputation and relationships with third parties. 

How we work

Our contract management services enable you to manage change, monitor risk, meet deadlines, and visualise your important business services and their dependencies as part of your operational resilience.


We gain a detailed understanding of the contract(s) you would like us to manage and build a process designed to help you comply with them. Core to the solution may include documenting dependencies, including on third party providers and in-house services, so if there is a change or incident affecting one part of the network, you can manage the impact on others and so maintain your performance. Part of the inspiration for our Productivity Centre was the management of large deals.



benefit 1

Release your team to undertake complex work.

benefit 2

Lower costs and increase speed.

benefit 3

Reduce risks with our technology assisted management of documents.

Why Mattersmith

We have considerable experience of managing complex agreements such as outsourcing contracts.

What You Get

We reduce your burden so that you can concentrate on the big and strategic issues for your business.

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