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SMEs do not want to choose between lawtech and traditional providers – they want both.

Legal professionals are highly trusted, and SMEs want to draw on their expertise, particularly when they feel their legal issue is unique or particularly complex.”  (Aisling O’Connell, Regulatory Policy Manager, Legal Services Board (LSB))

Contractsmith meets this requirement. The legal content has been populated by our founder, who has over 30 years experience in the field, and is covered by our unique duty of care as an SRA regulated legal practice. This gives you the legal peace of mind of being covered by our professional indemnity insurance, and saves you time and money on legal fees. A Mattersmith lawyer is available if required. 

Don't fall into the trap of poor contracting:


Average annual revenue lost due to contracting pitfalls.
(Source: IACCM)


The actual cost to you of a regulatory fine can be 10 times the fine.
(Source: Deloitte)


of companies are unable to find 10% or more of their contracts.

(Source: Journal of Contract Management)


The average cost of a complex contract from authoring to signature.
(Source: IACCM)

Unlock the benefits of smarter contracting by treating your contracts as valuable sources of information and ways to collaborate with customers and partners.

Contractsmith is a unique combination of legal expertise and tools to help you trade smarter, save time and money, and regain peace of mind.

Eight ways to reduce your costs and increase your productivity with Contractsmith:

notebook and laptop for drafting contracts

Draft Contracts


Save time and money on external legal consultants by using the document assembly tool. Enjoy a consistent, accurate and fast way to draft whole contracts or key clauses with our built-in Q&A driven document preparation technology and get a document tailored to the issues facing you. The platform is pre-populated with decades worth of domain specific experience allowing self-service contract creation. Using our lawyer pre-approved templates means relevant, reliable contracts are simple to create by non-lawyers.

Store documents and Collaborate


Drive efficiency through not having to use legacy technology outside the platform. The Case Management Tool allows for all work to be stored in one place and easily shared across relevant users, plus emails can be dragged and dropped into cases, making it really easy to find a document and its associated emails in one place. Users can communicate in the platform via the Messaging feature and you can control access to documents to people who need-to-know without sacrificing transparency. Easily find what you want, when you want it with the searchable repository.

Email and Platform Alerts

Case Alert

Take control of your contracts by being aware of upcoming risks and deadlines. With the ability to tag key obligations, deadlines, and notices for either party in each contract means you can take control of your contracts by being made aware of upcoming commercial opportunities or risks. You are in control of how much notice you give and to whom. Capture important information about deadlines and link to playbooks for dealing with the situation and Precedents to generate prescribed documents.

Monitor Risk

Case Report

Reduce risk through contract controls. Controls are enhanced by monitoring the risk and transparency of trends that are simple to visualise and analyse in our dashboard feature. Gain insights into your portfolio by capturing information, such as the key terms they contain and the reasons, and who in your organisation is responsible for a contract. The results are shown in graphs and can be exported in PDF.

Ensure a complete audit trail


Increase productivity and save time by using Case. The management tool allows for all work to be stored and emails can be dragged and dropped into Cases for archive purposes. You can create a complete audit trail of communications between colleagues and counterparties and a record of all versions of a document during negotiations.

Review documents

Doc-Analyer & Knowledge

Save money by reducing or eliminating the need for external lawyers for contract reviews. Reduce the risk of error by reviewing documents thoroughly and faster with the help of Doc-Analyser and our checklists and playbooks in Knowledge, guiding you through common legal issues and allowing you to amend a document using our library of common phrases.

Understand common legal language and topics


Have you ever wished you had an experienced lawyer looking over your shoulder to help you draft or understand a commercial contract? We have populated Knowledge with guidance and contractual language that reflects decades of practice at the highest level, allowing you to reduce costs by saving time and money on costly external legal fees.

Tailored playbook compliance and solutions for financial institutions

Exploit the power of Playbooks

My Playbooks

Provide transparency and the ability to easily delegate work by using the playbooks pre-populated in the platform or use My Playbooks to create automated playbooks which capture best practice, or approved procedures for multiple use cases.

Contractsmith helps clients save time and money on external legal fees, by uniquely providing a combination of technology, software and legal services, allowing clients a flexible, targeted solution so they pay for what they need, not what they don’t.



Contractsmith Platform

Contractsmith is suitable for any organisation that uses contracts in its everyday course of business. Contractsmith contains tools which help you work more efficiently and legal information and guidance, including legal templates, that we make available to our members.

Every business needs to ensure their important documents and contracts are stored safely and are readily available for evaluation. Case is a document storage system where your documents are contained within a searchable repository with features which help you monitor risk, set alerts and ensure an audit trail of negotiations. However, Contractsmith is not intended to be used as your sole repository of documents.

The legal information and guidance within the platform are not a substitute for legal advice on your circumstances. Our aim is to help you decide whether you need advice or not, and if so, provide an easy way of giving us instructions.

If you want a contract drafted, we have published templates on Precedents and information on each one can be found by clicking Contract Guidance on your dashboard. You take responsibility for selecting the right Precedent, understanding the questions we ask during the online questionnaire, for the answers you give, and to ensure the resulting document meets your requirements. If in doubt, ask us for advice.  Precedents is probably unsuitable for people who have no familiarity with the documents in question or who struggle with assimilating what can be complex commercial issues. Equally, if you have those skills, our published documents may save you a great deal of time and money.

The guidance we publish in Knowledge is to help you understand terms commonly found in non-disclosure agreements and commercial contracts and, when used in conjunction with Doc-Analyser, may help you review a document more quickly and confidently on your own. Again, if you need help, do ask us for advice. By using Contractsmith, you may limit the advice (and so the cost) you need.

You can ask for advice at any time by getting in touch via the Contact Us form, email, telephone, or by adding a member of our team to a Case in which you have posted a document and explaining to us the issue in the Message feature.

Our list of templates is under constant review. Please check here: for the current list.

Our Mattersmith Productivity Support Centre: Home – ( provides comprehensive guidance from quick guides to instructional videos. If you still need help, then drop us a line to and we will get back to you asap. We are always glad to provide training.

We provide legal advice and assistance to clients who have a suitable Bespoke membership.

Associate and Bespoke users can ask us for advice by adding one of our team to the Case in which you have stored your document. However, all users can contact us for advice via email, telephone, or by filling in the Contact us form.

Click on the Log In button, select Sign up, and choose the Plan you want. Associate Plans have two pricing options: one is for 6 months, and the other (at a lower cost per month) is for 12 months. Please make sure you select the period you want before clicking Continue.  Once you have chosen your Plan, select Continue and follow the on-screen instructions.

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