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Managed legal services for Financial Institutions

The scarce time of your in-house legal team can easily be eaten up reviewing NDAs, and other everyday legal agreements.


With each new financial institution client, we  discuss and define suitable playbooks, with as much or as little granularity as they require and then automate each playbook in our proprietary knowledge base, Knowledge. We use our enterprise search tool, Doc-Analyser, to help us review the documents in a systematic and consistent manner.


We use our workflow tool, Doc-Tracker, to triage the documents as they arrive. Each document is logged according to date created, response time, progress status and delivery date. A dashboard shows compliance with response times. Our clients can access the dashboard, view the progress of individual matters, give instructions, receive documents, and obtain management information.


Our clients’ needs vary and we are flexible on fee models, whether hourly rates, fixed fees or retainers.

Six ways we have helped fund management companies, wealth managers and custodian banks

Expert review of financial institution pre-transaction documents

Expert Review of Pre-Transaction Documents

We offer comprehensive support in reviewing and drafting essential pre-transaction documents such as NDAs, hold-harmless letters, reliance letters, and engagement letters. Our meticulous approach ensures that these documents align with your specific requirements, mitigating potential risks and ambiguities. With our expertise, you can trust that your pre-transaction documents will be carefully crafted to protect your interests and facilitate a smooth progress of your deal.

Tailored playbook compliance and solutions for financial institutions

Tailored Playbook Compliance and Solutions

We assist in drafting and applying your playbook, advising business teams on compliance. When exceptions arise, we facilitate compromise and resolution. Our clients rely on our experience and expertise to navigate challenges effectively. By working closely with your teams, we ensure alignment with your playbook while accommodating unique circumstances. With our collaborative approach, finding practical solutions becomes seamless, enabling successful transactions and fostering trust.

24/7 Access to management information for financial institutions

24/7 Access to Management Information

Our Productivity Centre empowers you with convenient, round-the-clock access to essential management information. Stay updated with real-time progress reports and access crucial data related to your transactions anytime, anywhere. Our commitment to providing a centralized platform ensures that you have the necessary information at your fingertips, enhancing transparency and efficiency. Experience the convenience and value our Productivity Centre brings to your business.

Enhanced data capture and visualisation for financial institutions

Enhanced Data Capture and Visualization

Accurately capturing and managing data is crucial for informed decision-making and improved transparency. At Mattersmith, we specialize in capturing comprehensive data related to contractual issues from audit to liability, along with the associated reasons behind each provision. This valuable data allows for the monitoring of trends over time and can be conveniently visualized through our Productivity Centre dashboard. Our clients have 24/7 access to this data and can quickly retrieve relevant documents, saving time and enhancing transparency.

Streamlined change management process for financial institutions

Streamlined Change Management Process

Efficiently managing change is crucial for successful business operations. At Mattersmith, we specialize in working closely with change management teams to ensure the proper adherence to the change control process, with particular attention given to mandatory changes. Our comprehensive services include the preparation of detailed change control notes and providing expert advice to deal teams negotiating large contracts on the best practices involved in implementing a robust change control procedure.

Management of large deal contracts for financial institutions

Management of Large Deal Contracts

Managing large deal contracts such as transfer of agency, fund accounting, and platform administration services can be a complex and time-consuming process. At Mattersmith, we specialize in navigating these intricacies, leveraging our legal expertise and in-depth knowledge of the services involved. Working in collaboration with both the first and second lines of defence, we streamline the contract application process, minimize the risk of claims, ensure adherence to procedures like change control and exit management, and foster amicable resolution when claims do arise.

We assist clients with saving time and money on everyday commercial contracts. Our extensive knowledge, experience and technology strengthen processes and improve productivity so that you can focus on growth.

Don’t fall into the trap of poor contracting


Average annual revenue lost due to contracting pitfalls.
(Source: IACCM)


The actual cost to you of a regulatory fine can be 10 times the fine.
(Source: Deloitte)


of companies are unable to find 10% or more of their contracts.

(Source: Journal of Contract Management)


Organizations where contracting is viewed as unimportant are predominantly in the bottom quartile of profitability within their sector .
(Source: World Commerce & Contracting)


One of our long-standing FI clients is a well-known global asset manager with AUM of over £342 billion. We end-to-end review and negotiate their NDAs, non-reliance letters, reliance letters and engagement letters, with such instructions received from their offices all over the world and a total of c1,300 instructions annually.


That client’s NDAs relate to deals world-wide and we handle a huge variety in terms of content and format, including click-through terms used in conjunction with deal rooms.


We liaise directly with members of the client’s commercial teams and their counterparties. Such is our experience and our client’s confidence in us as a trusted adviser, exceptional issues are raised with the legal team only occasionally.



benefit 1

Release your team to focus on more complex work, enhancing productivity. 

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Outsource everyday legal matters to lower costs and increase speed.

benefit 3

Reduce risks with our systematic reviews of documents.

Legal advice, accelerated by Etimologic technology.

Mattersmith has decades of experience of international legal practice at the highest level. Our core sectors are technology, banking, and financial services.


Now we want to share your workload.

Why Mattersmith

We have considerable experience of creating productive workflows to handle agreements such as NDAs through to complex SaaS and other customer contracts.

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We reduce your burden so that you can concentrate on the big and strategic issues for your business.