Legal Self-Help for SaaS and Service Providers

Your idea has come to fruition: Your SaaS and Service Provider business has a name; a business plan; is registered, and has a website everything is ready for the launch, but – WAIT – you still need to put the legal contracts in place.

No matter what type of business you have there is one underlying consideration: every new business requires contracts and other legal documents to ensure compliance with ever increasing regulations. These may include:

  • Terms of business and customer contracts
  • Website terms and conditions
  • Privacy Policy statements
  • Procurement contracts for SaaS and consultancy services
  • Channel partner agreements
  • Master services agreements
  • Non-disclosure agreements
  • Project agreements


Although contracts may seem dull and expensive, the relationships they govern are your business.


What if there was a way you could reduce your legal costs by doing part of the work yourself – well now there is:


Mattersmith is a boutique law firm committed to improving the productivity of legal and contractual processes and to this end we have developed Contractsmith; a solution for small businesses to access affordable legal solutions for their commercial contract requirements.


An annual membership package offers access to our platform with tools to help you effectively manage your contracts.

  • Precedents is our document assembly technology – Save time and money on external legal consultants by using the document assembly tool. Enjoy a consistent, accurate and fast way to draft whole contracts or key clauses with our built-in Q&A driven document preparation technology and get a document tailored to the issues facing you.
  • Doc-Tracker is a document management tool enabling:
    • all work to be stored in one place and easily shared across relevant users.
    • Alerts to be set for upcoming obligations and deadlines.
    • Risk monitoring by capturing information, such as key terms and the reasons they were accepted, and who in your organisation is responsible for a contract. The results are shown in graphs and can be exported in PDF.
    • Users to communicate within the platform via the Messaging feature and access to documents can be controlled to people who need-to-know without sacrificing transparency.
  • Doc-Analyser allows you to save money by reducing or eliminating the need for external lawyers for contract reviews. Reduce the risk of error by reviewing documents thoroughly and faster with the help of Doc-Analyser and our checklists and playbooks in Knowledge, which guide you through common legal issues and allow you to amend a document using our library of common phrases.


For those requiring a more personal service we offer a support service which covers a sense check service of your documents and general legal advice.

As your business grows and your need for more complex legal assistance is required, Mattersmith are able to support you as part of your in-house legal requirement.


Take a look at our website or contact us to see how we could help you: Home – Mattersmith


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